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Success of the Environmental Control Booth (ECB)

We are pleased to share with you a recent success of our Environmental Control Booths (ECB), which testifies once again that our products meet the highest customer expectations.

Belgian Railways (SNCB)

In the maintenance centres of Belgian Railways (SNCB) the trains, among others the Thalys trains, are intensively serviced and repaired. For operations of a larger extent three of our ECB's are in use.

Donaldson Industrial Air Filtration - Success of the ECB

Donaldson Industrial Air Filtration - Success of the ECB


The ECB's, which are set up as independent work stations, reliably hold back particles and provide healthy breathing air on the job. In addtion they effectively prevent the distribution of dust into other work areas. While at the same time, different than with conventional dedusting systems, the maintenance personnel are not obstructed by the suction mechanisms: The productivity increases.

The first booth, with dimensions of 28 x 7 x 6 meters is used to clean the motor coaches with CO2-pellets in an environmentally friendly way. The main goal of the customer was to protect the workshop from dust and noise related to this working stage. Because of the high noise level (116 dB(A)) the booth is build with acoustic material and equipped with silencers at the inlet of the air and at the outlet of the 8 ECB modules. The roof of the booth is divided into several sections, which can be removed at small expenditure, because the trains are levied into the booth from the top.

The second ECB is equipped with dust explosion protection in accordance with the ATEX guidelines, since work on the polyester components of the body i.e. repairs and polishing is done here. Additionally an activated carbon filter is integrated at the outlet of two of the four ECB modules. These two modules are started a few minutes before the polishing work is conducted in order to assure a low and safe concentration of solvent vapours. In the third booth the metal components of the train traction units are worked on. Here amongst other things welding, sawing, and grinding processes take place.

For further information about this application please contact Christophe Blanckaert or Serge Lamberts.


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