Ultra-Web high-efficiency Filters prove in Aluminium Plant

Donaldson Ultra-Web® high-efficiency Filters prove their superior Performance in Aluminium Plant

Our proprietary Ultra-Web cartridge filters with nanofibre filter media outperform and outlast all others. The filters last longer and are extremely efficient - that means buying and replacing less filters, with less costs over time.


Read more about a recent Ultra-Web® success within a powder coating application in Italy.  


 Armando DAngelo



 "Ultra-Web was the perfect solution for our customer. The customer now saves money while profiting from an increased efficiency."


Armando D'Angelo, Aftermarket Manager, Italy






The Customer...

The company Alcom Alluminio is an Italian based company that produces aluminium profiles for different industrial applications.


The Challenge...


Alcom Alluminio had a problem related to the air extraction of the powder coatings booth. The operators complained about powder coating all around the booth and a high powder consumption. Because of these conditions the operators were forced to clean and empty the filters every week.


Alcom Alluminio



The Solution...


To solve these issues our proprietary Ultra-Web® cartridges were installed.


Ultra-Web 120411


                               Just installed                                     After 2 months



These cartridges provide superior performance as the following results show:




Measurement taken before Intervention

Measurement  taken
 with Ultra-Web®

Type of Cartridges

h600 x 324 Polyester 10 M2 flow through
Quantity: 9
h600 x 324 Polyester 10 M2 closed end
Quantity: 9

Originally they used QF 3 325 H 1200 Poly 20 M2

262-5940 E H 600 dia 324 MM 14 M2
Quantity: 9
262-5621 E H 600 dia 324 MM 14 M2 
Quantity: 9

Pressure Drop Value 120; 300 dapa 40; 70 dapa
(Set min. 40 dapa; max. 70 dapa)
Emission Not measured, but leakage detected Not measured, but no leakage detected
Air Speed at Booth
(In & Out)
0,4 m/sec 0,75 m/sec
Air Speed at Cyclone < 16 m/sec (at base) 23; 24 m/sec (at outlet)
Daily Powder Coating Consumption (9 hour day) 300 kg (in average) 260 kg -> -13,5 % (still under observation, higher savings over 15 % assumed for the long run)
Waste Powder to be scrapped 37,5 kg/day          18 kg/ day -> close to -50 %
Cleaning System (Rotating Air Cleaning) Continuous with AUTEL Economizer   

Set min. 40 dapa; max. 70 dapa;
Alarm at 150 dapa

Pulse 1,75 sec 1,75 sec
Interval 6 sec 8 sec
Air Pressure 5 bar 5 bar
Cartridge's life expectation < 2 months before dP reaches 100 dapa > 18 months before dP reaches 100 dapa




Savings and Advantages...

Cost reduction of raw material: 6,0 Euro/kg* x 260 kg  = 1560,00  Euro/day 
vs. previous                                       6,0 Euro/kg* x 300 kg  = 1800,00  Euro/day 

Daily savings of raw material (powder coating) = 240,00 Euro 
Estimated annual savings***: 55.200 Euro

Cost reduction of disposal waste powder:
 0,7 Euro/kg** x 18 kg = 12,6 Euro/day 
vs. previous                                                           0,7 Euro/kg** x 37,5 kg = 26,25 Euro/day

Daily savings of disposal waste powder  =  13,65 Euro

Estimated annual savings***: 3.139,50 Euro

Cost savings of compressed air:
 System works just when required. Estimated  50 % less then before.

Emission Savings: To be evaluated, no leaks detected.

Improved efficiency related to air booth extraction: End of operators complaint’s; area around the booth now is clean.

* 6,0 Euro per kilo, is an estimated average cost for powder coating in EU
** 0,7 Euro per Kilo, is an estimated cost for powder coatings waste handling
*** Assumption: 230 working days/year

Congratulations to Armando D'Angelo for this great success!